Come on England 

Footballs coming home it also came to Y1 this morning with Miss Fry ​


Clifton Park 

We had such an amazing time at Clifton Park. Our children were amazing and we hope they enjoyed it just as much as we did. 

Clifton Park

We have had a fabulous day at Clifton Park! We spotted lots of different trees and plants and had lots of fun splashing in the water. After lunch we had a train ride then had ice cream before coming back to school! 

Our results

We looked at our cress seeds and found that if seeds are given water they grow. Our seeds in the cupboard grew but they were long and had yellow leaves because they had no sun!

Miss Liljendahl

We are saying goodbye to Miss Liljendahl at the end of this week! It has been amazing having her in our class this year helping us with our learning as she has been training to be a teacher! We wish her lots of luck in the future! We hope she pops back in to see us before we break up for the summer holiday. 


This week we are doing experiments to find out if different environments affect the growth of a plant. We planted some cress seeds in four pots, two were given water and two had no water. Then we put one of each in a dark cupboard and the other two on the windowsill. We then had to make a prediction. Which seeds will grow? Elliott said the seeds in the cupboard would not grow because they have no sunlight.