Eddies holiday 

In half term Eddie had lots of fun. He went to the seaside for the day, built a Harry Potter Hogwarts castle and met his new baby cousin, Jacob. He also went to Sheffield Manor Lodge to find out about Sheffield in Tudor times! 

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In maths this week we are looking at  numbers. We are putting them in order, which one is less than and more than and using a number line. We are using a WAGOLL to help us with our learning. We are having lots of fun! 


This afternoon we have been identifying common plants. We knew some of them. We got to smell and feel lots of different plants. Some smelt nice but some did smell funny. 

Growing plants

Well we have our last term together in year one and what a fun packed term it is going to be! Today we have sports day! Let’s hope the rain stops! Our theme this term is growing here is a selection of plants from Mrs Morton and Mrs Hubbard’s gardens! 


This week in maths we are learning all about positions. We had to listen to instructions to put a cube in the right place ie put the cube in your left hand or put the cube on top of your head. Then we used our knowledge to put letters on a picture. Next we made a key so that people know what the letters mean. Finally we got to colour the picture.

Making a robot

In year one today we are using our new maths skills to make a robot 🤖 We are cutting shapes out and then folding into halves and quarters. We even even swapped colours to make them more colourful. Here are a few  finished robots don’t they look great?