On the train


Sam Safari 

In Y1 we are learning about Fur Feathers and Scales. Today we had a visit from Sam Safari. We looked at a variety of animals some had feathers some fur and some  had scales. 


We are learning about animals this term in y1. Yesterday we had a visit from Sam’s safari, they brought lots of different types of animals for us to look at and stroke.

Releasing the Butterflies 

Today in Y1 we let our Butterflies go into the fresh air to fly and explore the environment. Although one of our Butterflies has a poorly wing so it ​​is going to stop at Mrs Beresfords house for the holiday. 




We got 100% attendance yesterday for the first time all year! Let’s hope everyone comes today. Fingers crossed.

Butterflies in Y1 

We are patiently waiting for all our Butterflies to come out of their chrysalis so we can let them go. Although one of them is stuck inside half of its chrysalis we hope it manages to get out soon. 

Growing Investigation 

Today in Y1 we revisited our investigation to find out if plants can grow in the dark as well as in the light. Both the plants grew but the one in the dark didn’t look as healthy and green as the one that had been in the sunlight. We found out that the reason for this was because it didn’t have any chlorophyll in its leaves.