Home Learning 

Well done Evie and Imogen it looks like you had fun doing your maths home learning. 



This week in maths we are learning all about positions. We had to listen to instructions to put a cube in the right place ie put the cube in your left hand or put the cube on top of your head. Then we used our knowledge to put letters on a picture. Next we made a key so that people know what the letters mean. Finally we got to colour the picture.

Making a robot

In year one today we are using our new maths skills to make a robot 🤖 We are cutting shapes out and then folding into halves and quarters. We even even swapped colours to make them more colourful. Here are a few  finished robots don’t they look great? 

Investigation what animals eat

We did an investigation to find out what different animals eat. We looked  at 3 different piles of poo to work out if it was from a Carnivore Herbivore or Omnivore. Our investigation showed us which poo belonged to which animal eg poo 1 was from an elephant herbivore because we found  grass in the poo. 


Today we released our Butterflies. Miss Moss put a Butterfly onto her hand until it felt strong enough to fly off by itself. It was amazing.

Daniel Ashmore

Daniel wanted to show you that he’s still working hard even though he’s not feeling great and can’t come to schoolThis morning we’re doing a handwriting work book and later we will be practicing our times tables  Well done Daniel glad you are feeling better 😀

Life cycle of a frog 🐸 

Yesterday was really exciting! Miss Liljendahl brought some frog spawn in (home made) We learnt about the life cycle of a frog. We now know that a frog lays up to 4000 eggs in one go. Then they hatch out as tadpoles. Next they grow their legs and become froglets. Finally they loose their tail and become frogs. 


In Year 1 we now have some butterflies 🦋  3 have hatched out over the weekend. We have given them some fruit and sugar water to eat. 


Today in Y1 we moved the chrysalides into their new home! This is a very important step! If the silk and frass is not removed the butterflies may get tangled as they emerge from the crysalides!