Fun in the snow 

We’ve had a lovely time playing in the snow at social times. We made snow angels and some of us made snow castles using the measuring containers. 


Chinese New Year 

In Y1 SM/RM we sang Gung Hay Fat Choy (Chinese New Year song)

We also made lanterns, money wallets and dragons.


Today we had to do indoor pe instead of outdoor pe because of the snow! We put Joe Wicks on YouTube to follow one of his programs then had some fun with just dance 


Today at social time we looked at floating and sinking. What can we use to make Noah’s ark so that the animal biscuits don’t get wet? 

Science lesson 

Today we are having a science lesson. We are learning about materials. Mrs Morton asked us all to get something from around the classroom. Some things are hard, smooth, soft and rough. We then each talked about our item and then we sorted them into what material it is made from.