Seal selfie

Rosie and Paige look happy posing with a seal! 


Letter from Santa đźŽ…🏼

This morning we had a letter and present from Santa. He has sent us some Argos catalogues! I wonder what we can use those for? He has also  told us that we are having a special visitor called Ethan! We can’t wait to meet him! 

A visit from ‘Tim Peake’ 

Today we had a visitor in y1. To support our learning about space and astronauts we had a visit from ‘Tim Peake’. We had lots of questions to ask him and Tim did a great job of answering them. He told us how astronauts eat, drink and even exercise on the international space station. Thank you Tim, we enjoyed your visit! 

Little Mermaid 

Drew looks amazing in her mermaid costume! It won’t be long until she will be wearing her nativity costume with the rest of the Y1 children! We are busy practicing ready to perform to everyone! 

Noogu comes to school 

Wednesday morning was really exciting. We have a new pupil in Y1MM, his name is Noogu and he has come from The Planet Zed. The children are looking after him well. They are sharing their toys and helping him with his learning. His mum Brenda will be so happy that they are all being kind and helpful! 


We have a new pupil in our class. His name is Doogu and he comes from space. He arrived in our classroom in a rocket and brought us waffles for snack. He has enjoyed learning with us and we have enjoyed writing letters to his Mum who is called Brenda. 

Circle Time

This week is Anti Bullying Week. We have had circle time to talk about what makes a good friend. This will help us to be aware of each other’s feelings so that we can form good relationships.