Activities at home

Ava has carved a fantastic pumpkin ūüéÉ

Olivia has made a yummy Gingerbread house ūüŹ°

Cole has enjoyed reading his book ūüďĖ


A walk around Shirecliffe

This morning we had a walk around Shirecliffe to see how different it is to Whirlow Farm. We walked through Busk Meadow Park spotting a playground, football pitch and some giant sculptures. Then we walked to the shops on Herries Road passing the medical centre and pub. We will be using the information we learnt on our walk to do our literacy this week so come and look at our books later in the week.





Lunchtime models

Today at lunchtime we have been making farm animals using junk boxes. Alyssia and Ibrahim made a fantastic sheep! If you have any spare junk modelling boxes at home we would love you to bring them in so we can make more farm animals.