Party time!

Enjoying jam sandwiches with our teddies.

A lot has happened in Y1MM today!

First it was children in need and we dressed in yellow. We have earnt our 100 coins so we have brought our teddies for a party and an ALIEN has come to visit. He crashed into our classroom last night and his mum and dad sent us a letter asking us to look after him.

To infinity and beyond

imagetoday all of the children in Year One were super excited. They were excited because we had our very own astronaut coming to visit us. All week we’ve been learning about Space and different astronauts. We’ve prepared for our astronaut by writing questions that we’d like to ask. We learned lots from Tim Peake including how to use the toilet in Space.

Half term fun

we asked our children to send us pictures of themselves doing fun things in the half term holidays. Here they are (finally). It looks like lots of you had a great week off. We apologise for the delay in posting, we have had some technical difficulties.

Going to space!

In y1 we went in a rocket to go into space. Before we went we had to make our helmets. This week we are learning all about the asronauts, Neil Armstrong, Helen Sharmen and Tim Peake. Joseph is teaching us a song  about fling in a rocket.