We love reading! 

We have been enjoying reading fiction and non fiction books in our reading area this week! 

  Some of the authors we are reading are Anthony Browne, Caryl Hart and Janet and Allan Ahlberg. We are also learning how to write poetry and there are lots of funny poems in our reading area! Some of the poems rhyme and are silly. Other poems have describing words in them like the Magic Box poem.

Children have been visiting the school library with Mr Smith to borrow a book from there too! All children will get their turn to go but in the meantime you can always borrow a book in class. Just remember to scan it out by being a librarian! 


Y1 Magician

This morning Y1 have had such fun watching the magician Mark!


Our cinema trip and Historic visitor 

Today Y1 have been to the cinema to watch a film called Home. There was an alien called Oh and he made friends with a girl called Tip. It was a funny film about Oh who felt left out but in the end he learns that we are all different so he stays friends with Tip who is a human.
After lunch, we had a visitor named Guido Fawkes, he had come from the past. In 1605 Guy or Guido Fawkes was one of the plotters who tried to blow up the Houses of Parliament using Gun Powder. He visited us today and explained why people have fireworks and bonfires on the 5th November. We enjoyed learning facts from History.