Our local area walk around Shirecliffe

On Monday Y1 visited their local area. We walked through the park, past the medical centre, past the shops and we saw the petrol station too.

In our area we saw lots of places. This week we are going to be creating fabulous writing about Shirecliffe! We are going to make posters all about Shirecliffe.



Our Science Investigation- Senses Day

Today Y1 have been investigating using their senses. We talked about our five senses and then we went on a sound walk around our school! We saw the fish, heard children in their classrooms. 

We have felt items in our feely bags that were soft, hard, rough and smooth.

We have smelt different things too! We smelt fish, tomato ketchup, curry powder. We had lots of different things to smell.

During snack time we tasted different flavoured crisps and of course we had buns! 

We have learnt and investigated using our senses then we wrote up what we have found out!


Our learning in Y1!

Miss Ellis and Mrs Moss welcome all our wonderful children into Year One! We have been very busy with our learning this week.

In Maths we have been learning number names, we are also learning number bonds to 10. We have been comparing numbers too!
Our Literacy writing has been all about ourselves and our families. We have been describing members of our families. We have also been working hard to draw self portraits. 

Watch this space to see what Y1 are up to!