Guided Reading

Our Guided Reading sessions this week got very hands on when we started reading an information book about Guinnea Pigs. We read all about the different breeds of Guinnea Pigs and wondered what our class Guinnea Pigs, Vanilla and Fudge were. We decided that Vanilla is definitely a Tortoise Shell one but we weren’t sure about Fudge. We had a little laugh at the other other breeds(Shaggie Sheltie) but at the end of the session we all knew lots of facts about Guinnea Pigs! Job done!



Maths time!

image image

It was Friday which in Year 1 means treasure hunt time!!!

We went hunting outside for a series of numbers to make a code that could reveal and unlock our treasure chest. All groups got their questions right because of their amazing problem solving skills! What a clever bunch and because of it we all got to enjoy a nice sweet treat! Great jobs guys!

Problem solving maths 

Today we took advantage of the sun and went on a problem solving treasure hunt around our playground!

We had to solve 8 addition and subtraction word problems that were hiding around the playground. 

Here are some pictures of the fun we had

We had to share this brilliant photo of Daiton. He chose girly time for this golden time this week and wasn’t afraid to hold back, he went all out and loved it. Good on you Daiton!