Community week

This week in year one we have been enjoying community week. We have had a lovely time learning all about the different careers that are out there. We also had some visitors on Wednesday, our local police community support officers who told us all about the job they do. On Friday we all worked together to make lovely hats for our May Queen and Jack in the Green, Lily Wilson and Kian Noei.Ā image image


The stars of the show!!

Here is our fabulous May Queen and Jack in the Green

Sabina Abiva and Ashton Williamson



We love having bingo in our class (when all the children are in!) so it is really sad when we have some children off. Jorden writes down how many children we have everyday on a sign in our classroom.

Mrs Hubbard and Miss Fry just loved what he wrote yesterday – here it is.

imagePlease please please try your very best to grace us with your beautiful smiles because we miss you when you’re not here šŸ˜„šŸ˜„