Busy bees 

Just a few photos from our outdoor time. 

Lots of us saw Britains Got Talent on Saturday and have been inspired by the amazing hula hoop woman! So inspired that we gave it a go ourselves – safe to say it’s a lot harder than it looks!    


Planting and watering a few more seeds today!    


The boys Lincoln, Charlie and Jorden, chilling out and relaxing in the sun.



First day in our new garden 

When it came to our outdoor time on Monday the kids couldn’t wait to get outside, ready to explore their new surroundings. It’s safe to say we love our new garden and can’t wait for the good weather to come!



We ventured to the garden and filled the rooms of the bug hotel with lots of a twigs and trunks so they can make their home. 



We had lots of fun smelling the herbs. We really liked the mint!   


We’ve even got our own garden monitor Sabi, who is keeping it nice and clean with her brush!  

Year 1 Garden 

So here is the working progress of the Year 1 Garden thanks to Miss Fry’s dad!

We have a Bug Hotel, measuring ruler, herb garden and some lovely plants. 

More stuff still to come but it’s looking great so far. Can’t wait for you all to get back and explore!