The Tiger that came for tea at Watercliffe Meadow!

Well this week has been very exciting for Year 1.
We have been writing stories about the tiger who came for tea at our very own school. We have some very imaginative children in year 1 who have wrote some amazing stories. Please come in and have a look at your child’s story.
On Friday we were sat on the carpet and suddenly a tiger knocked on our classroom door! We had a lovely tea party with sandwiches and cakes!

Miss Fry said “I wish we could have tea with the tiger everyday”
Charlie Robinson said “well why don’t we Miss Fry? This has been the best day ever!”
What a great way to end the week!




The Tiger Who Came to Tea

Look at our amazing art work from Y1EF of The Tiger Who Came to Tea. Such fantastic drawings and we are so proud of the time taken to make these look so brilliant!


Reading Time

Y1EF walked to the library this week and went on the hunt for some of the 101 reads as well as some other funny books – one was called The Diary of a Wombat which had the children laughing hysterically!

We all snuggled up with our friends and enjoyed reading our books.

Keep on ticking those 101 reads off your sheet and remember you can all come and borrow the ones you want to read from schoolimage


Just waiting for a bus.

It seems our children have fantastic imaginations. When asked what they were doing outside at playtime Harry answered with ‘we’re just waiting for a bus’. It was a lovely photo opportunity anyway. image

Hero puppet show

Yesterday is y1 we watched an amazing puppet show, it was all about how anyone can be a hero. We learned that we are all heroes in our own way and that hero means