Beat the StreetStarting from 16th June, there will be a game called Beat the Street coming to Sheffield! Each week of Beat the Street has a theme. You can find out more about the ‘Go Weeks’ in the Video Assembly and PowerPoint. The first week runs from Wednesday 16th to Tuesday 22nd June and is called ‘Go Play’. This is all about getting out and enjoying playing Beat the Street.Your child will receive a fob that they can use to play the game and you will also get a card to join in too! All you have to do is find a Beat Box and hold your card/fob over it until it beeps and flashes! Make sure that you register any card/fobs you get so that you can earn points, track score and even win prizes!Here is a video to explain more.Sheffield Assembly Video – YouTubeAttachments areaPreview YouTube video Sheffield Assembly VideoSheffield Assembly Video

Butterflies in Y1

Look what happened yesterday in y1 4 out of our 5 butterflies popped out of their Chrysalis. When we came to school this morning our 5th one had popped out so all 5 of our butterflies are enjoying food in their net before we let them fly into the fresh air


Today we did some observational drawing. We looked carefully at leaves and drew them making sure we put the right detail on and using the right colours. if we couldn’t find the right colour we used 2 colours to make the right shade.