Good Morning.

Make a poster telling others about what it is like living on the International Space Station.

In your green home learning book practice writing your address (DONT send me a picture I won’t put your address on the blog)

Practice counting in 2s and 10s forwards and backwards.

Write the numbers that you count.

In the learning pack we sent home in September there were lots of addition sentences for you to practice. These are the “learn its” that you have to work out for your Beat that challenge on Friday. Have a practice with them before tomorrows test.

Tuesdays learning.

Today I would like you to write about Tim Peake and Helen Sharman and how they lived when they were on the space station.

I would like you to write all the numbers that go together to make 10. You could sing the number bond song to help you. Write them as additions.

10 +0 = 10

We are looking at Pablo Picasso and his portraits. Draw yourself and colour your face in, dont forget you need all your features, do it in the style of Picasso.

Yours could look something like this.

Good morning on this marvelous Monday

Todays I would like you to research 2 other space explorers Tim Peake and Helen Sharman. They didn’t go to the moon. Can you find where they went?

Can you find out how to wash your hair in the space station?

Where would you sleep in the space station?

In maths we are counting in 2s and 10s forwards and backwards.

I would like you to to practice writing numbers names to 10 see if you can write them without any help.

Click the link below to join in playing music with your body.

Thursday 19th November 2020

Morning Y1.

Draw a picture of yourself and colour it different colours Andy Warhol style.

Andy Warhol Pop Art Portraits That Changed The Art World Forever | Widewalls

Colour the right number of blocks and write the number words.









Read this book

Discuss key questions:

  •  What did DigiDuck do to upset his friend?
  •  Why did DigiDuck share the picture?
  •  Why didn’t DigiDuck notice that his comments made his friend sad?
  •  Is it worse, better, or the same to hurt someone’s feelings online, compared to in the real world?

We look forward to seeing your learning.