We are really excited about our topic this term. Today we are writing information about mammals. Did you know that all mammals give birth to live babies. 



How exciting it is in year one this term. We have some tiny caterpillars 🐛 At the moment they are feeding themselves up with some special food. We are going to keep watching them to see how big they grow. 

Easter Bonnet Parade

Wow year one you are amazing! Your Easter Bonnets looked fabulous! An extra well done to Eddie in Y1MM for winning best hat in class Mrs Bibby said it looked fabulous! 

Traditional Story writing

This week we are writing our own stories. We read Little Red Riding Hood then thought about how we could change the characters and settings. Here are some of our plans that will help us write our stories. Watch out for the finished stories at the end of the week! 


This week we are learning about weight and mass. We got two items from around the classroom and guessed which one was the heaviest or lightest. Then to see if we were right we used the balance scales.