Monday 13th July

Good morning Y1s! We hope you’ve had a great weekend!

Let’s start off with some cosmic yoga!

And now, we will go on a dinosaur adventure! Ask a grown up to read the slides out to you…

Last week, we practised adding by counting on from the biggest number. This week, we will practise subtracting by counting back from the biggest number.

So to find out the answer to 11-5=

I would put 11 in my head, and hold 5 fingers up. I then would count back 5 to find the answer is 6.

Practise counting back 5 fingers from these numbers…

9 10 13 18

What answers did you get?

Weekly Challenge

Last week, you made a poster all about you for your new teacher. This week, we would like you to design a postcard with a picture on one side of the card, and writing on the other. You can write it to your new teacher to tell them all about your time at home in lockdown.

Have a lovely day and don’t forget to send any photos by 3pm to

Friday 10th July

Hello every one! We hope you’re having a good morning.

Here’s your CLIC test for today:

Can you draw and label these dinosaurs?

Weekly Challenge

Have you finished your ‘All About Me’ posters? If not, finish it off today and send us a photo so we can show your new teachers!

Golden Time

It is up to you what you would like to do to reward yourself for all your hard work this week! You could do some junk modelling, play some games or chill and watch a film! It’s up to you. Have fun!

Virtual Sports Day (South Yorkshire)

Today is a Schools Virtual Sports Day, which is happening all over South Yorkshire!

To take part, have a look on this link.

There are prizes to be won! Exciting!

Send any photos by 3pm to and have a lovely weekend!

Thursday 9th July

Good morning everyone! How are you today?

Think about the dinosaur you wrote facts about yesterday. Imagine that one day, you wake up and find it in your garden! Can you write a short story about your day with the dinosaur?

Have a go at this dinosaur I Spy adding!

Have a lovely day, and don’t forget to send photos in by 3pm to

Wednesday 8th July

Hello Y1s! How are you getting on with your posters all about you? We (and your new teachers) can’t wait to see them!

Let’s do some cosmic yoga this morning:

Can you find out 3 facts about one of these dinosaurs?

Find the answers to these number sentences by counting on from the biggest numbers.

To work out 3+8= I would put 8 in my head (because it’s the biggest number), and count on 3 fingers to find the answer 11.






You could try doing it with some of your own number sentences!

Have a lovely day Y1s! Don’t forget to send your photos by 3pm to

Tuesday 7th July

Good morning Y1!

Have a read of this dinosaur book!

Did you find all the hiding dinosaurs? Were there any dinosaurs you hadn’t heard of before?

Thinking about yesterday’s Maths, we are going to practise the same again today – counting on from the biggest number.

To work out 4+7, I would put 7 in my head because that’s the biggest number, and then count on 4 fingers to find the answer – 11.

Try counting on 5 from…

6 10 12 23

What answers did you get?

Have a great day and send any photos by 3pm to y1@watercliffe.sheffield.sch,uk